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The Importance of Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

If you're scheduled for an orthopedic surgery, it's likely that your surgeon will refer you to a physical therapist for rehabilitation. If he or she hasn't, well--you may want to ask for a recommendation! Consulting with a physical therapist both before and after a surgical procedure is an essential component to a healthy recovery and positive outcomes overall.

Benefits of Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

There are many things a physical therapist can do in the pre-operative window to help you get the most out of your upcoming surgery and to ensure that the procedure goes well. Services may include: Depending on unique factors including your age, health history, and type of procedure, you may require one or several pre-operative visits. Your physician and your physical therapist will help you determine the best rehabilitative course to meet your needs.

Benefits of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Once you've been cleared by your physician, it's important to see your Anchorage physical therapist as soon as possible after your surgery. The main goal of post-surgical rehabilitation is to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, promote tissue healing, and protect the healing surgical site. We also want to help you safely progress to your normal physical function as soon as possible. At Reger Physical Therapy, we offer several post-surgical interventions, including: Before undergoing any orthopedic procedure, our team at Reger Physical Therapy strongly recommends scheduling a pre-operative appointment with us to prepare for your surgery. We'll connect you with a physical therapist who will work with both you and your surgeon to ensure comprehensive and integrative care every step of the way. We work with people undergoing a variety of procedures, including rotator cuff repair, total knee or hip replacement, ACL reconstructive surgery, spinal laminectomy and fusion, carpal tunnel nerve release, and Achilles' tendon repair.

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