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Are you an athlete? Do you love ice skates, tennis rackets, or even soccer balls as much as we do? If you live and love an active lifestyle, then our team at Reger Physical Therapy has got the perfect thing for you: a comprehensive list of hockey stretches, tennis stretches, soccer stretches, and more.

The Importance Of Sports Rehabilitation In Anchorage

Physical therapy is not just about "rehabilitation." It's also about "pre-habilitation." Here's what we mean: 

Our mission is to keep Alaska active by both treating and preventing physical dysfunction. This is where sports rehabilitation comes in. Through a combination of advanced manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and non-invasive modalities, our team can accelerate your healing and prevent you from having recurring problems in the future. We can carefully analyze your sports-specific movement patterns and address hidden factors--including muscle imbalances and posture--that may be predisposing you to injury and minimizing your athletic potential. 

Our ultimate goal is to help you maximize your strength and flexibility so you can perform better and more effectively in your sport of choice--all while avoiding or minimizing your risk of injury. 

Examples Of Sports-Related Stretches

While certain movement patterns and muscles are important for most types of physical exercise, different sports place different physical demands on the participants. This is why our team has developed a customized list of stretches to prepare your body for sport. As an example: 

Is Your Body Sports-Ready This Spring? Let Our Anchorage Physical Therapy Team Help You Get Back In The Game!

Don't let an injury keep you benched. Click here to learn more about our sports rehabilitation stretches. Whether you're looking to recover from or prevent a sports-related ache or pain, then call Reger Physical Therapy today. Our Anchorage PT team is ready to help! Call (907) 677-9112 now. 


Backpacking is a fun, unique hobby and the proper stretches will help you prevent injury during a trip.