Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Did you know that therapeutic massage has been a healthcare discipline for over 4,500 years? Reger Physical Therapy is proud to offer therapeutic and medically necessary massage therapy provided by a therapist with outstanding credentials. Our massage therapist is a 30+ year veteran of massage therapy and has also distinguished himself through coaching, athletic training, and the application of rehabilitation science. In an effort to decrease a client’s pain, limited flexibility, and restricted range of motion, our massage therapist applies both massage therapy techniques and manual therapy skills such as myofascial release, active release therapy, and manual joint and soft tissue mobilizations. Massage therapy at Reger Physical Therapy is offered as both an adjunct to skilled physical therapy programs and as a stand-alone service.

Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue mobilization, or massage, focuses on muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Often if a patient hasn’t had a chance to use a set of muscles due to illness, or has been injured in that area, the tissues can become scarred, and robbed of the precious fluids that promote flexibility. Soft tissue massage focuses on limbering up these damaged areas while promoting overall wellness.


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