Our Physical therapy Services

Reger Physical Therapy Services

Therapeutic Exercise

When you say the words “physical therapy” most people automatically assume you have had surgery. Yet physical therapy goes beyond post-surgical care restoring strength, endurance,

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is any hands-on treatment your physical therapist uses to help you regain motion, improve muscle performance, or simply reduce pain. You may hear

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Massage Therapy

Did you know that therapeutic massage has been a healthcare discipline for over 4,500 years? Reger Physical Therapy is proud to offer therapeutic and medically

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Dry Needling

Reger Physical Therapy is extremely proud to offer trigger point dry needling. Trigger point dry needling is considered one of the most effective treatments for

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Pre / Post Surgery

Surgery is a huge investment of time and money and is undeniably a life disrupting situation. At Reger Physical Therapy our front office and clinical

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